Automation For Every Store

Tired of long checkout lines and staffing challenges?

Brysk ICP is a checkout automation solution designed specifically for small grab-and-go stores. It tackles the everyday issues you face, freeing you to focus on what matters most - “growing your business”

Easy Shopping In 3 Simple Steps

Cut Down on Wait Times, Boost Sales, and Impress Your Customers with Autonomous Checkout Solutions

Simple Entry

Customers can easily enter the store using our user-friendly app.

Smooth Shopping

Customers can Browse and select items with ease.

Hassle- Free Checkout

Customers do not need to wait in long queues; just grab pay and go.

Our automation systems utilize a blend of advanced technologies to streamline the shopping experience. Here's a glimpse into it

Computer Vision

  • Imagine cameras that can identify items like a human cashier
  • Computer vision uses high-resolution cameras to capture product images.
  • Advanced algorithms then analyze these images to recognize and automatically add items to the customer's bill.

Sensor Data

  • Scales and weight sensors embedded in checkout stations can track the weight of items being placed in bags.
  • This data can be compared to the identified items through computer vision to ensure everything is scanned and accounted for.

Deep Learning

  • Deep learning algorithms take computer vision and sensor data to a whole new level.
  • These algorithms are constantly learning and improving, allowing the system to recognize a wider range of products with greater accuracy.

By working together, these technologies create a checkout experience that's faster, more convenient, and reduces the need for cashier

Office Spaces
Residential Complexes
Stations (Train, Bus, Airports)
School/ Colleges/ Universities
Hotels/ Motels
Venue & Events

Easy Deployment

Deploying a Brysk-powered store is a seamless and efficient process. Designed with a modular architecture, our stores can be shipped in a flatpack format, ensuring easy transportation and quick assembly. Upon arrival at the installation site, the Brysk team typically needs no more than two days to set up and make the store operational, including the placement of retail inventory. To optimize energy efficiency, we utilize a low-power CPU on the edge instead of a GPU, which significantly reduces electricity requirements. This streamlined approach ensures minimal disruption and rapid deployment, allowing retailers to start benefiting from our innovative solution almost immediately.



Meet the team, and we will give you a custom-built plan tailored to your goals.



Install the necessary hardware that will help integrate the software.



Implement Brysk's software and test integrations that are available for your existing store systems


Employee Training

Train team members on how to operate the system and go live.

Leading the Way in Retail Through Autonomous Checkout


How it will help your business


Save Time

Speed up transactions and reduce waiting time, keeping customers happy.


Save Money

Cut down on manpower costs and double up your profit.


Use Space Better

Avoid those chunky, boring checkout counters to save space in your store.


Make Shopping Easy

Offer a simple, stress-free shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.


Stay Ahead

Be ready for the future by using the latest technology that makes shopping even easier.


High ROI

The cost will be recovered within 36 months of installation, making it a very high ROI investment.
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My grocery shopping has never been easier. Autonomous checkout is amazing.
Shekhar Chauhan
Adarsh Palm Retreat Villa
I can search for whatever I need using the Niflr App or in-store virtual assistant. It tells me exactly where it is. I just love it. I have stopped ordering my groceries online.
Priya Kanduri
Uber Verdant

It's so simple that my 6-year-old kid can buy what he needs. Simply awesome.
Shalini Tomar
Mahaveer Orchids
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