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How It Works


At Brysk, we revolutionize the retail experience with our cutting-edge autonomous checkout technology. By leveraging advanced computer vision, sensor data fusion, and sophisticated AI algorithms, we create a seamless and efficient shopping experience where customers can simply walk out with their purchases, and payments are automatically processed without the need for cashiers or manual checkouts.

How brysk is different

Hybrid Cloud and Edge Compute

Our technology employs a hybrid model combining Cloud and Edge computing. This approach minimizes the need for high-capacity GPUs at each store, reducing hardware costs and complexity. For smaller stores, we can fully rely on cloud servers, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Resilient Offline Functionality

We understand that internet connectivity can be unreliable. Brysk’s system is designed to operate offline, ensuring continuous store operations and data reliability even during internet outages. This redundancy guarantees a smooth shopping experience under any circumstances.

Seamless Integration with Retail Systems

Our REST APIs facilitate easy integration with existing inventory and order management solutions, making Brysk a versatile choice for large retail chains. Additionally, we offer built-in inventory and order management systems for small retailers, providing a comprehensive solution out of the box.

Rapid and Easy Store Setup

Brysk’s autonomous checkout technology is designed for quick deployment. Our stores can be assembled and operational within just two days of reaching the location, minimizing downtime and disruption. This swift setup process ensures retailers can quickly adapt to the evolving retail landscape.

Preferred Partnerships with NVIDIA and Intel

As preferred partners of NVIDIA and Intel, Brysk integrates NVIDIA's Metropolis Toolkit and Intel's OpenVino Toolkit into our technology stack. This collaboration allows us to leverage the latest advancements in AI and computer vision, ensuring fast and accurate billing inside the store every time.
With Brysk, we are not just creating a cashier-less shopping experience; we are pioneering a future where retail is smarter, faster, and more efficient. Explore the power of autonomous checkout with Brysk and transform your retail operations today.

Boost Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Brysk Checkout Analytics

Brysk Checkout understands the critical role data plays in optimizing your self-checkout operations. We offer a comprehensive suite of analytics services designed to empower you with actionable insights, allowing you to track and analyze key metrics such as:


Checkout Times

Average time per transaction, breakdown by product type or payment method.


Lane Utilization

Identify peak hours and optimize lane allocation to reduce customer wait times.


Customer Satisfaction

Track customer feedback from terminal surveys to understand satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.


Inventory Management

Real-time stock levels, alerts for low inventory, and analysis of popular items for optimized ordering.


Product Scanning Efficiency

Identify frequently scanned items and optimize product placement for faster checkout.


Staff Performance

Monitor staff intervention rates and identify areas for training or process improvement.

Brysk Checkout Analytics provides you with a powerful lens to

Measure the ROI of your self-checkout investment.
Identify opportunities for cost savings based on metrics like staff optimization and checkout efficiency
Gain a competitive edge through superior customer service by understanding and addressing customer pain points.

Here's how Brysk's open API empowers your business:


Effortless Integration

Our open API facilitates smooth integration with popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, eliminating the need for custom coding.


Hardware Compatibility

Brysk extends its reach beyond software, offering compatibility with various hardware devices like barcode scanners, receipt printers, and payment terminals.


Tailored Solutions

The open API's flexibility allows for custom software integrations specific to your unique business needs.


Streamlined Workflow

Brysk seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, automating data transfer and minimizing manual intervention for a more efficient workflow.


Enhanced Data Visibility

Gain a holistic view of your operations with real-time data synchronization across all your connected systems.
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